Angel Touch Skin Boutique has been in operation since 2004, starting in a single-room salon and growing to the beautiful, luxurious salon we are in today.


32 Frederick St, Oatley NSW, Australia 2223

(02) 9570 9433

Angel Touch Facials

Your skin is completely unique to only you so we have designed our facials to target your concerns & leave you looking and feeling amazing!

It is really important to us to not only effectively treat your skin but that your treatment is relaxing and enjoyable so we have designed our rooms with heated beds or cool air conditioning depending on the season, candlelight ambience and soft music playing in our fully enclosed rooms.

To ensure you get the maximum results from your treatment we offer a complimentary Observ Skin Analysis with all facial treatments. When booking online, all facials will have an extra 15 minutes added for consultation to ensure we perform the perfect treatment for your skin.

The Muse Anti-Ageing Facial

75 minutes

An intense anti-ageing and prevention treatment targeting fine lines, wrinkles, loss of elasticity and dull, sallow skin. The Muse Facial is the max in anti-ageing. You will see instant results leaving your skin rejuvenated, smooth and glowing.

With a hint of rose this gorgeous treatment is perfect to keep you looking your best or before a special occasion.

Add Dermalux LED Light Therapy for just $39

PRICE $159

Unstress Paramedical Facial

75 minutes

Our No. 1 Facial perfect for extremely stressed skins, redness, rosacea, psoriasis, eczema, dermatitis, inflamed or any sore and compromised skins needing TLC with amazing calming visible results in just one treatment.

Sensitive skins need a little extra to start to rebuild strength back into the skin. LED Light Therapy is the most gentle and best friend to do this.

Add Dermalux LED Light Therapy for just $39

PRICE $149

Collagen Facial

75 minutes

Our Anti-aging Collagen Facial is a firming & lifting treatment to plump up fine lines, hydrate and refine the skin.

A beautiful refreshing, hydrating and smoothing facial with brilliant results that is gorgeous before a big event. It is our popular treatment as a regular monthly maintenance facial to keep youthful dewy skin.

Add LED Light Therapy $39 or Peel $35

PRICE $145

Ahava Facial

60 minutes

Our Ahava hydration facial is a perfect facial for new beginners into the world of “skin treatments”, teens and regular maintenance goers who love our Ahava Product range.

This is a beautiful safe facial treatment for absolutely anyone needing pure hydration and relaxation. It is for all skin types, to smooth, hydrate and maintain a healthy skin.

Add on a Peel $35

PRICE $119

Petite Facial

40 minutes

Give your skin a treat with this time-precious facial. Tailored to your individual skins needs using high-grade ingredients for a fresh face in your lunch break.

It is also our “go to ” facial perfect for Teens. Excellent to introduce teens to skin treatments and using products for the first time. Extractions may be needed, just let us know at the time of booking.

Add Extractions 10 Minutes $20



We will do a skin consultation for you before your treatment and decide with you on the day what suits best for your skins needs.
For maintenance a facial every 4-6 weeks is perfect. If we are treating a specific skin issue we will discuss a course of action with you on the day.
We recommend products specifically for your home care to keep your skin glowing and youthful between skincare and that enables us to get better results each time we see you.
Unfortunately being late for your appointment means less time with us. We will definitely accomodate where we can but usually we are booked back to back.