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Featherbrow Tattooing is the art of making eyebrows look thicker and more defined with fine hair line strokes within the actual hair so you cannot differentiate between the tattoo and the hair.

Some only need some holes filled with strokes or the ends of their brows thickened, this can be done also.

Not everyone is suitable for tattooing and a consultation is required before hand to ensure you are a good candidate and discuss the involved procedure.

After the procedure you cannot get your brows wet for 7 days and should not do tattooing before big events as the brows will go very dark following the tattooing so please allow at least 1-2 weeks before events.

Numbing – The area must be numbed to do the procedure to ensure comfort, this is a must and cannot be done without it. The numbing process takes 40 minutes before we can start.

There are new laws regarding the numbing of skin in the salon and we can no longer provide it though we will help you purchase it 1 week prior to the procedure.




(includes complimentary touch up within 12 weeks)