Facial Treatments

Facial Treatments

Your skin is completely unique to only you so we have designed our facials to target your concerns & leave you looking and feeling amazing!

It is really important to us to not only effectively treat your skin but that your treatment is relaxing and enjoyable so we have designed our rooms with heated beds or cool air conditioning depending on the season, candlelight ambience and soft music playing in our fully enclosed rooms.

To ensure you get the maximum results from your treatment we offer a complimentary Observ Skin Analysis with all facial treatments. When booking online, all facials will have an extra 15 minutes added for consultation to ensure we perform the perfect treatment for your skin.

Let’s Play Facial

$179 (60min)
Using Cosmedix and Medik8

This is a customised facial Treating concerns such as pigmentation, Rosacea, Hydration, uneven skin tone, acne

We choose specific products to treat your skin’s needs on the day of treatment. Making sure we take absolute care of your skin concerns. No skin is left untouched.

Includes double cleanse, toner, microdermabrasion, enzyme peel, face neck and decolletage massage with a mask ending with serums and spf

A medical grade skin treatment with all the goodies that will let you float away all your troubles while we work on what your skin needs to feel fresh and vibrant with lasting results!

Thermal Facial

$220 (60mins)

Perfect for the colder months. This skin treatment focuses on delivering deep hydration to your skin, heating the skin up to 125 degrees then bringing itself down to normal skin temperature adding youthful plump hydrated skin.

Argilein Contour Mask Facial

$199 (60min)

The ultimate lymphatic drainage skin treatment! The Contouring Mask is vital when treating skin concerns holistically. Working from the inside out, through the lymphatic system, the Contouring Mask creates a tightening effect on the skin. This constrictive function stimulates internal skin processes such as reverse osmosis, increasing blood flow, collagen producing, creating a youthful glow.

Good JU JU

$179 (60min)

Slip into our bed, relax and unwind with our all-natural holistic treatment that will leave you glowing from the inside and out with love. Highly active natural ingredients treating all aspects of the skin.


$199 (75mins) 

Starting with a facial to refresh the skin, including a mud mask wrapped up in a hot towel followed by our foot ritual. Stunning, refreshed, vibrant, dewy skin a treatment that hits all the spots!

Foot Ritual

$69 (30mins)

Starting off with a cleanse to the feet to wash away the days troubles, followed by a deep exfoliating massage. We then cover your feet in a Turkish mud mask all wrapped up in a beautiful hot towel then moisturise to finish.

Tweenies Facial

$179 (60min)

Not just your normal skin treatment, We treat every teen unique to their own skin. No treatment is the same. A great introduction facial for 16yr or below includes an educational consultation LED, and high frequency.

Picture Perfect

$89 (40min Facial) 

A fast-paced treatment to fit in all the goodies. Perfect for the busy bees that need a pick me up, or for those that just want to kick up their feet for a moment

Add ons:

Ampoules – $40
HydraFacial skin Boosters – $89
Collagen facial mask – $29
Hydro jelly Mask – $30
LED – $39
Microcurrent lifting treatment – $49
High Frequency – $20
Extractions – $20
Facial Massage 15mins – $30
Foot ritual – $59


We will do a skin consultation for you before your treatment and decide with you on the day what suits best for your skins needs.
For maintenance a facial every 4-6 weeks is perfect. If we are treating a specific skin issue we will discuss a course of action with you on the day.
We recommend products specifically for your home care to keep your skin glowing and youthful between skincare and that enables us to get better results each time we see you.
Unfortunately being late for your appointment means less time with us. We will definitely accomodate where we can but usually we are booked back to back.