Angel Touch Skin Boutique has been in operation since 2004, starting in a single-room salon and growing to the beautiful, luxurious salon we are in today.


32 Frederick St, Oatley NSW, Australia 2223

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Shellac Nails

We use Artistic Nail Design Soak Off Polish at Angel Touch and we love it. We searched for the best “Shellac” possible and kept coming back to this one. The colour range, the wear and tear, the colour staying power… it had it all.

Artistic has a huge colour range and last up to 3 weeks. It is non chip and dries immediately.It’s perfect for the natural nail goers that love their colour to stay.

Artistic Shellac Polish Nails

Allow 50mins – $50

Artistic Shellac Polish Toes

Allow 60mins – $60




SNS Nails

SNS nails became all the rage in 2015 with clients asking for them so we investigated and found that they were fantastic for the harder wearing nail client.

This powder dipping system has a great range of colours and is long wearing which makes it great if you want to grow your natural nails longer without the worry of them breaking.

With the powders came a base that is packed with nutrients – vitamins A, E, D, E and B5, plus calcium. The effect is dramatic. Instead of causing harm to the nail bed, every use of the new formula actually improves its health!

As for everyday wear, the nails become super-strong, with a durable surface that is guaranteed to last a full two weeks, although our clients are getting between 3-4 weeks.

Allow 60mins – $60

All of our nail equipment is clean and sterilised between each client. Each clients owns a bag with their very own nail file, buff block and cuticle pusher that is labelled with your name and is not touched by anyone else. Cleanliness and hygiene are of the upmost importance to us in the salon.


IBX Nail Repair Treatment

IBX is probably one of the most amazing treatments I have seen for the repair of damaged nails. It uses a penetrating toughening agent that fuses together the nail’s top layers to improve nail plate integrity and is perfect for under any Gel Polish Coating.

Also used to keep your natural nails strong so that they grow long! The results we have had for clients with flaking, peeling nails has been amazing.

Allow 15 mins $15