HomenewsJade Rollers – Yes or No?

Jade Rollers – Yes or No?

Have you been rolling along with the latest skin care trends?

If so, chances are you’ve heard about jade rollers.

Maybe you’ve seen your favourite beauty blogger gliding a pretty pastel green stone across her temples, or maybe you’ve spotted an adorable jade roller in your favourite boutique and wanted to learn more.

Whatever it is, there’s no denying that the small, light green tool that’s reminiscent of a beautified paint roller has been everywhere lately.

And celebrities such as notably makeup-free Alicia Keys, have proudly proclaimed their affinity for jade rollers as well (plus Demi Lovato and Madonna!).

So, what’s the deal?

Are jade rollers just another pretty item that’ll look good on your vanity?

Or will jade rollers actually help your skin feel cooler, smoother, and healthier?

Not to mention, where did jade rolling come from? And why is it regaining popularity now?

Keep on reading to find out the answers to these questions and more!

What is Jade Rolling?

So, what exactly is a jade roller?

The tool itself is somewhere in between a rolling pin and a paint roller, with the “rolling pin” part made of jade stone (although there are other rollers made with other stones, too, like rose quartz).

The intended use is for the jade roller to be swept (or rolled) across your face, mimicking the effects of a lymphatic massage.

The most typical results are a cooling sensation, anti-inflammatory properties, and a lymph-draining effect — all effects that can do wonders for the skin on your pretty ‘lil face!

Plus, the jade stone itself is also said to draw out negative energy and balance your “chi” (otherwise known as your spirit or life-force).

Even if you’re unsure if you believe that certain stones have certain powers, you can definitely appreciate some of the benefits of jade rolling, trust me!

What Are the Benefits of Jade Rolling?

There’s no denying that jade rolling feels good — especially after a long day — but it can also help us look good!

Here are some of the most widely cited benefits of jade rolling:

  • Combats Undereye Bags And Dark Circles

If you’ve ever stuck a spoon in your freezer with plans to press it on your face the next morning to combat tired under eyes or a “puffy” face, there’s a good chance you may be interested in the benefits of a jade roller.

Just like that frozen spoon, jade rolling can help to reduce the dark circles and/or puffiness under your eyes after a restless night (or, more realistically, a restless week).

While dark undereye circles can be influenced by a variety of factors (and can sometimes simply be genetic), jade rolling can show serious improvement in those pesky undereye bags.

Because the jade is naturally cooling, rolling the stone can help to make the underlying blood vessels smaller, and therefore decrease the noticeable “bags.”

I think we can all agree that the only bags we wanna see are cute, leather ones in our closet, am I right?

  • Reduces Puffiness

Another major benefit of jade rolling goes back to the lymphatic massage that I mentioned earlier.

Lymphatic fluid is generally the culprit that causes our faces to get puffier at times.

Essentially, lymphatic fluid is waste fluid that flows out of your lymph nodes and can collect around your eyes and cheeks, resulting in a puffier look (and generally not the look we’re going for).

A jade roller massage can help to drain this lymphatic fluid and return it back to the cardiovascular system where it belongs.

Not to mention, massaging around the eyes is known to combat sinus infections and immune issues.

Some fans of jade rollers even claim that using them regularly acts as a “natural” contouring device!

A tauter face plus less pesky winter colds?

I think that’s something we can all get behind, don’t you?

  • Increases Circulation

We all know that increased circulation is a good thing, but do we know why?

Well, gorgeous, better circulation can lead to better skin!

In particular, the increased circulation that can result from jade rolling can help clear up acne, reduce signs of aging, and give you that good ‘ol glow to make it look like you’ve got a great night’s rest (even if you haven’t, it’ll be our little secret).

  • Eases Product Absorption

Another great thing about jade rolling? Some say that it helps their beauty products (AKA moisturizers, serums, and oils) absorb into their skin better.

This means that jade rolling can potentially help you use less product with more effects by allowing whatever product you use with it to absorb better into your skin.

That means less product waste and less expensive serum on your pillowcase — sounds like a win to me!