Indulgent Body Treatments

Indulge yourself or your loved ones with our beautiful sensory body treatments using our popular body range Pure Fiji. It is an absolutely divine body range. Our heated beds, soft music and candlelight serenity in our fully enclosed treatment rooms will take you away from the stresses of your busy life for the time we have you.

Swedish Massage

Our massages are performed using our beautiful Pure Fiji body range that smells good enough to eat and the oils are “steamy, hot towelled” infused before the excess oil residue is removed after the treatment to ensure maximum comfort.

60mins $85

45mins $70

30mins $60

15 mins $30

Tropical Mama Massage

A divine delight for the Mum to be. A beautiful full body pregnancy massage to treat the common discomforts of pregnancy including aches and pains such as neck and back pain, limb swelling, it reduces high blood pressure, lessons heartburn & indigestion, relieves stress from weight bearing joints such as knees and ankles and also reduces tension and anxiety.

Pure Fiji nourishing oils will also improve skin elasticity and hydrate to help prevent itchiness. Such a beautiful gift!

Back Only 30mins $65

Halo Treat

Such a relaxing treat to indulge and enjoy a back, neck and shoulder massage using our beautifully scented Pure Fiji Hydrating body oils before the “oh my god that’s beautiful” steamy hot towel experience that infuses the oils in (we don’t want to leave you all oily but we want you to soak up the benefits). But it doesn’t finish here, roll on over so we can continue on with a specially designed petite facial designed just for you to suit your skins need.

55 mins $110

Sugar Glow Body Exfoliation

Relax & enjoy as coconut milk combined with macadamia and coconut oil are gently massaged into the skin. This is then followed by an application of pure sugar cane and tropical nut oils, the sugar glow body exfoliation will rid the body of dead skin, revealing new, healthy skin and will replenish any moisture loss.

This treatment is performed using Pure Fiji’s beautiful body range. It smells divine and feels divine..

60 mins $90