Our Team

Our staff are hand-picked on the basis of their high standards, experience and technical ability in their own fields. Their personality, enthusiasm, reliability, honesty and integrity are second to none – they are simply lovely people!

Angel Touch Skin Boutique has been in operation since 2004, starting in a single-room salon and growing to the beautiful, luxurious salon we are in today. We love our work and we class our clients as family.

Introducing Katy: Your Versatile Wellness Expert

Katy is a multi-talented professional, serving as the Co-Owner, Nutritionist, and a passionate Dog Lover. She’s also a skilled Paramedical Skin Therapist, Makeup Artist, Brow Specialist, and an expert in light-hearted banter!

With an impressive two decades of experience in the fields of beauty and nutrition, Katy recognised the intricate connection between a healthy gut microbiome and an improved fatty acid profile in the skin. In essence, nurturing one’s internal health leads to skin that is not only well-hydrated but also more supple and protected.

Katy’s journey to Angel Touch included previous management of her own salon, where she pampered numerous clients and developed an in-depth understanding of various skin types. As a Paramedical Skin Practitioner, she has undergone advanced training, gaining expertise in the medical aspects of skincare. This has led her to design specialised protocols for treating, renewing, and safeguarding the skin, all aimed at enhancing skin health and cellular function.

Beyond her work in the beauty industry, Katy has also ventured into the health and fitness sector, offering guidance to clients on avoiding harmful toxins and allergens, facilitating detoxification, and recommending the use of supplementary nutrients, including high-dose vitamins.

Katy’s lifelong passion revolves around aiding individuals on their transformative journey, assisting them in leading confident and joyful lives through holistic wellness, both internally and externally. And of course, she believes in adding a touch of fun to the process!

Introducing Chantelle – Your Paramedical Aesthetician

Chantelle embarked on her remarkable journey in the beauty industry back in 2002, where she initially began as a beauty therapist and gradually ascended to the distinguished role of a Paramedical Aesthetician. Her unwavering passion for skincare extends from head to toe, leaving no aspect of skin unexplored.

Chantelle firmly believes in the intrinsic beauty that comes from within, and she recognises the transformative power of subtle enhancements to the skin we present to the world. These enhancements not only elevate one’s appearance but also nurture self-confidence and overall well-being.

With an illustrious career spanning two decades, Chantelle quickly rose through the ranks in the industry. She honed her skills and expertise by owning and managing her own business in Bondi Junction for a remarkable seven years. Fueled by her aspirations to broaden her horizons, Chantelle’s path led her to Angel Touch, where she now proudly serves as one of the owners, bringing with her a wealth of knowledge and extensive experience. Her diverse portfolio encompasses an array of medical-grade treatments, including microdermabrasion, needling, lasers, IPL, plasma pens, and medical-grade skin peels, among others.

Chantelle’s journey as a Paramedical Aesthetician has involved close collaboration with some of the most esteemed cosmetic surgeons, plastic surgeons, and medical professionals. Her unwavering commitment to continuous learning and the constant refinement of her expertise, both in practice and theory, exemplify her dedication to providing clients with the highest level of care and ensuring optimal results.

Chantelle’s approach to skin consultations and treatments is nothing short of exceptional. She goes above and beyond to ensure that each client receives a meticulously tailored treatment plan that perfectly aligns with their individual needs. Her dedication extends to imparting knowledge, empowering clients to fully comprehend the what, how, when, and why behind home care and recommended treatments.

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