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If you’re a gal or guy with barely-there brows, then an eyebrow tint could be your go-to treatment to achieving a thicker, fuller and defined brow, plus saving you time in your morning beauty routine.

Our eyebrow hairs are a mix of coloured and fair hairs and can sometimes look faded and patchy. Simply adding an eyebrow tint to match your regular eyebrow wax, those brows will immediately appear more luscious and healthy!

Not all tint colours are suited to every client so we have designed a specialized and completely customised blending system of eyebrow tint colours to match your specific colour needed. It’s like Bunnings for Eyebrows.. Tailored tint blend – eyebrow blend specialists.

PRICE $18 – $22
If you’re after a more permanent answer to thicker eyebrows then Feather brow Tattooing with Bec may be the answer you’re looking for! Book a consultation!

EYELASH TINT 15-30mins

Imagine looking like you’ve just applied your mascara all day – even after the gym, swimming and showering! An eyelash tiny can be done in many colors from brown to a gorgeous sensual black with blue or violet mixed in. This is a simple 20 minute treatment which will totally open up your eyes. Perfect for those with light and fair lashes!

An eyelash tint is also a perfect present for pregnant women or new mums! A handy little treatment in helping to look fresh and bright even during those sleepless months!

Eyelash & Eyebrow Tint
Allow 20mins – $38

Eyelash Tint, Eyebrow Tint & Eyebrow Tidy
Allow 30mins – $55