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What is Bio Sculpture Gel?

Bio sculpture gel is the original soak-off colour gel nail system that focuses on providing the healthiest manicure and pedicure products and services of the highest quality in the nail care industry and is also the first company in its class to have undergone a stringent independent clinical research trial and received a 5-star safety rating*.

All bio sculpture gel products are vegan, animal cruelty-free, and “5 free”non-toxic and will last up to 3 weeks!

I have personally been doing Bio Sculpture Gel nails now for almost 17 years and will not go to another nail system. It is by far the most advanced system I have seen with the most beautiful natural finish. Bio Sculpture is an amazing durable gel treatment that nurtures the nail bed whilst protecting and strengthening the natural nail.

Full Set Bio Sculpture with Extensions $110

Extend the length of your nails using tips. Allow 90mins.

Bio Sculpture Infill $82

A regular maintenance treatment that removes the old gel and replaces with fresh new gel performed every 3 weeks.

Bio Sculpture Gel Toes $99

An overlay for your toes. Your feet are hot towelled before application and toes will last up to 10 weeks.

Bio Sculpture Gel Pedicure $110

Who doesn’t love a pedicure that lasts without chipping for up to 10 weeks? A full pedicure with the application of Gel instead of normal polish.


We have a very talented nail artist Tatiana that is absolutely amazing at nail art. Her art ranges from 3D sculpting to hand painted roses.

Nail Art is from $10 depending on the time and depth of work involved in getting your desired design and how many fingers you have done.

Nail Repairs

Unfortunately, nail repairs are needed sometimes. Each nail repair for bio sculpture requires, extra time to do and extra product and materials. Please remember that they are not your own nails, are nowhere near as strong as your own nails and need to be taken care of so your natural nail can grow back up underneath.

1-2 nail repairs $10, 3-4 nail repairs $20

Soak off and Removal

Allow 20mins – $30

Please note we do not remove other salons nail work. We only remove our own work. This is because we do not know what they have used on you and our removal products are only designed to remove our products.

Our gel removal includes a nail tidy & treatment polish with our Lavender Base treatment.

All of our nail equipment is clean and sterilised between each client. Each client owns a bag with their very own nail file, buff block and cuticle pusher that is labelled with your name and is not touched by anyone else. Cleanliness and hygiene are of the up-most importance in the salon.


IBX Nail Repair Treatment

Allow 15 mins $20

IBX is probably one of the most amazing treatments I have seen for the repair of damaged nails. It uses a penetrating toughening agent that fuses together the nail’s top layers to improve nail plate integrity and is perfect for under any Gel Polish Coating.

Can only be booked as an add on, not a standalone treatment.