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Makeup For All Occasions

If you have a big event coming up, require professional makeup application or simply just want to look your best, knowing what makeup suits what occasion at an instant can be a god send! To help you, we’ve developed a guide of the latest makeup trends to suit any occasion.


When heading to work, consider the basics. We prefer to use a light-medium coverage foundation or tinted moisturiser, with a subtle hint of bronzer to provide more colour and a natural glow. As for the eyes, consider basic eyeliner on the upper lash line. Keep wings to a minimum and the eyeshadow colours neutral. Finish with a single coat of mascara and some nourishing lipgloss.

Dinner with friends or family

If you’re heading out to a nice restaurant with the family or friends tonight, you want to keep it classic and fresh. You can easily transition a look from day to night ] by adding a darker shade of lipstick such as the Youngblood Mineral Lipstick in shade ‘Vamp’, by adding winged eyeliner and by applying a coat of the Cherryblooms FibreLash mascara.

Date Night

Heading out to meet someone special? Focus on the eyes and lips to accentuate your best features. Apply your eyeliner to both the upper and lower lash line, add our Cherryblooms FibreLash mascara and use an after-five eyeshadow to emphasise your eyes such as the Youngblood Pressed Mineral Quad in shade ‘Timeless’. Our flawless finish Image ‘I Conceal’ Foundation is perfect for a date night with great coverage. A little extra touch of blush will enhance your cheekbones. For the lips, using warm colours such as pinks and soft reds are popular choices to make your lips look naturally sensuous.

Day Out

By the weekend, we usually want to spend some quality time relaxing with loved ones. Consider giving your skin a break from Makeup on the weekends, or sticking to good quality, light mineral makeup such as the Youngblood Mineral Cosmetics CC Primer, available in salon. Keep your weekend look natural, A Light foundation with pink tinted lip gloss and brown eyeliner will do the trick! Then simply let the sunshine and relaxation bring back your beautiful, natural features.

Whatever your occasion, be sure to wear makeup that compliments your mood and your personality. To learn more about our makeup services or to book a 4 Minute makeover using the beautiful Youngblood Mineral Cosmetics range.