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5 Angel Touch Tips

Does your skin ever feel dry, rough, or itchy during the winter season?

Wintertime seems to be the breaking point for our complexion.

Here are 5 important ways to keep your skin fresh and healthy throughout the winter months:

1) Cool that Shower

There is no need for hot and steamy temperatures in the shower, even though it may feel good after a chilly, rainy day. Hot water actually washes away the natural oils on your skin and can damage the thin protective layers, leaving it dehydrated and flaky. Instead, opt for a warm shower and your skin – and your energy bill – will be very grateful.

2) Sun Protection

The sun shines powerfully even in the winter months. Sun exposure can be damaging, especially to already-dry skin and can leave early indications of aging with signs of wrinkles. Always use moisturizer and sunscreen that contains an SPF of above 20 and don’t forget to reapply throughout the day!

3) Layer up

Uncovered skin is more readily exposed to cold air. Too much exposure can make your skin vulnerable, which leads to a dry and brittle appearance. When outdoors, wear gloves, hats, and scarves that can be easily taken off once indoors, and you can prevent skin damage as well as early wrinkles.

4) Moisturizers and creams

Moisture is evaporated more quickly from your skin in colder temperatures and high winds, therefore causing the skin to produce less oil and become dry. Change up the moisturizers and creams you normally use and opt for a heavier option to keep the skin protected in winter. Moisturize after a warm shower and don’t forget to select an option which offers sun protection.

5) Hydrate from within

Your body requires good amounts of water and nutrients per day to stay healthy. For a radiant and young complexion, your skin and hair needs to be hydrated from within. A lack of water can dehydrate your skin and increase signs of ageing.

To help prepare and maintain your skin this Winter, contact the angels at Angel Touch Skin Boutqiue.