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Facials Throughout The Ages

Facials are generally considered a treat but have become more and more common. This is because of the multitude of health benefits that come with treating your skin. Both men and women are routinely applying all kinds of products on their face in the hope of maintaining their youthful glow.

However, facials are not a recent trend with the history of facials tracing back to Ancient Egypt! They say to learn from your past, so the experts at Angel Touch Skin Boutique took a look into the ancient history of beauty to find out more about these ancient practices.

Ancient Egypt










Egyptians were famous for their involved beauty treatments, from using burnt almonds to fill in their brows to bathing in milk to keep their skin supple. So it’s no surprise that their facials were creative. It’s believed that Cleopatra used the mud from the Dead Sea to treat her skin twice a week. This was said to any impurities from her face and body. She would also apply egg whites onto her face before bed, washing it off with clean water in the morning.

Ancient China










Yang Gui Fei, considered one of the “four beauties of Ancient China”, was known for her lavish facial treatments. It was believed that she would make her own facial masks from crushing pearls, white jade, ginseng, and mixed lotus root starch into a thick paste and applying it to her face. This was said to help whiten the skin, which was extremely popular in Ancient China, as it signified beauty, wealth, and purity. It also helped to remove spots and wrinkles.

Elizabethan Era











Just like in Ancient China, having pale skin was believed to be a sign of beauty, power, and wealth. As a result, many English women during the Elizabethan era used to undertake whitening facials. With very little science behind skincare, women used poisonous blends of white lead and vinegar in their beauty routines. It was a combination made famous by Queen Elizabeth herself.










The turn of the century saw an increased popularity in radiant, glowing skin. As a result, a number of different beauty treatments were created. One of the most popular treatments was Madame Rowley’s ‘toilet mask’. This was an overnight beauty mask designed to beautify, bleach and preserve the complexion. It was made out of a flexible rubber and was to be used while sleeping. The invention of the face mask revolutionised the beauty industry, paving the way for many beauty inventions such as the modern sheet masks we know and love today.

Luckily, with the advances in laser technology and medical science, we’re no longer putting our faces at risk in the same way as our ancestors. However, it’s pretty clear that we’re still just as enamoured with eternal youth as our ancestors were.

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