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Unstress Comfort Cleansing Mousse


This non-irritating, soap-free mousse soothes irritated skin and maintains natural moisture levels while gently removing make-up and other stress induced impurities.

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Gently Removes Stress Inducing Impurities Leaving A Radiant, Healthy And Youthful Complexion.

Gentle soapless mousse enriched with B5 and botanical extracts.

The Comfort Cleansing Mousse cleans and soothes while maintaining essential moisture. The soap-free non-irritating Mousse gently removes stress inducing impurities leaving a radiant, healthy and youthful complexion.


  • Removes dirt, makeup residue and pollutants.
  • Anti-inflammatory, purifies and calms irritated skin without drying it.
  • Maintains natural moisture levels.
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