Angel Touch Skin Boutique has been in operation since 2004, starting in a single-room salon and growing to the beautiful, luxurious salon we are in today.


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August 2017


At Angel Touch Skin Boutique, skincare is one of our number one priorities for our customers. We want you to feel like your skin is smooth and heavenly 24/7! As “skin whisperers”, we offer a number of facials that enhance hydration, glow, healing, relaxation and anti-ageing. No matter what, your skin needs to be supported to maintain the rejuvenating results of a facial. So it is critical that you know how to take care of your skin outside of the salon. Here are some quick and easy ways to boost your glow! Hydration to the max! Moisturiser is a must to keep your skin hydrated and avoiding dry and flakey skin that can get your pores clogged. So

Facials are generally considered a treat but have become more and more common. This is because of the multitude of health benefits that come with treating your skin. Both men and women are routinely applying all kinds of products on their face in the hope of maintaining their youthful glow. However, facials are not a recent trend with the history of facials tracing back to Ancient Egypt! They say to learn from your past, so the experts at Angel Touch Skin Boutique took a look into the ancient history of beauty to find out more about these ancient practices. Ancient Egypt                   Egyptians were famous for their involved beauty treatments, from using burnt almonds to fill in their brows to

Does your skin ever feel dry, rough, or itchy during the winter season? Wintertime seems to be the breaking point for our complexion. Here are 5 important ways to keep your skin fresh and healthy throughout the winter months: 1) Cool that Shower There is no need for hot and steamy temperatures in the shower, even though it may feel good after a chilly, rainy day. Hot water actually washes away the natural oils on your skin and can damage the thin protective layers, leaving it dehydrated and flaky. Instead, opt for a warm shower and your skin – and your energy bill – will be very grateful. 2) Sun Protection The sun shines powerfully even in the winter months. Sun